Light HEMA Jacket - Small - Red Dragon Armoury
Our HEMA Light Sparring Jacket by Red Dragon is designed specifically for HEMA practice and is constructed from a 350N rated heavy-duty cotton with an inner lining.
HEMA Leather Mask Overlay S/M - Red Dragon Armoury
Full Mask Overlay by Red Dragon is designed for HEMA and adds an extra layer of protection to your fencing mask.
HEMA Leather Mask Overlay L/XL - Red Dragon Armoury
Red Dragon's HEMA Coaching Mask comes to you at a fraction of the cost of other coaching masks on the market. This fantastic mask features a black mesh and removable (washable) red liner. The bib on this mask is rated at 350 Newtons.
HEMA Knee Protectors - Red Dragon Armoury
Knee Protectors by Red Dragon, designed for HEMA. Feature a hard plastic outer shell and padding on the inside. Designed to fit into the knee pockets of our Red Dragon HEMA Sparring Pants but can be worn independently.
HEMA Forearm and Elbow Protectors - Red Dragon Armoury
Forearm and Elbow Protectors by Red Dragon, designed for HEMA and feature heavy-duty cotton construction. 7 padded articulated plastic plates that envelop the forearm for complete protection. They provide both protection and comfort.
Goatskin Drum Heads - Thick
Our Goatskin Heads, without hair are flat round piece of goatskin. Your choice of diameter.
Goatskin Drum Heads - Thin
Our Goatskin Heads, without hair are flat round piece of goatskin. Your choice of diameter.
Civil War Era Knapsack
Civil War era knapsack is a great reproduction of the large waterproof knapsacks carried by Civil War troops. Our replica is made of tarred canvas with leather straps just like the originals and has 2 main compartments.
Medieval Tall Boots - Rear Buckles
These Medieval Tall Boots are suitable for 14th through 15th Century re-enactment wear. Leather construction.
Tall Viking Shoes
Our Tall Viking Shoes have an leather upper construction with your choice of rubber, all leather or leather with hobnail soles.
Castleford Medieval Gown  - Red - Small
Made of lightweight poly-cotton blend, this shapely dress gives the illusion of wearing both an under chemise and over gown. The lace-up sides, back, and sleeves allows for a perfect fit.
Warrior Armor Complete Set
Our Warrior Armor Complete Set contains all the necessary pieces for you to start LARPing right away. Made from polished 18 gauge steel, this armor is a fully functional set that can be assembled in a variety of ways.
Women's 15th Century Houppelande Gown - Burgundy
Our version of this houppelande gown is made in rich burgundy velvet with a contrasting gold brocade belt and black fake fur trim. Historically accurate, this gown is from the 15th Century and should work well for Medieval time periods.
Viking Belt Black Leather
Viking Belt is a sturdy leather 1 -1/8 inch wide belt, great for holding your Viking pouch and Seax knife. Belt is 63 inches long with detailed cast viking buckle and belt end in brass.
Greenman Altar Table
Perfect for the practitioner who travels or who has a need for a portable altar space, this 8 inch Altar Table has been carved with the likeness of the Greenman.
El Dorado Top Hat 5 Skull Band - Black
The El Dorado Top Hat 5 Skull Band in Black is made in the US from top quality leather. Sometimes, the understated look is perfect for the situation. Featuring 5 subtle skulls
Leather Dragon Top Hat
This Leather Dragon Top Hat is made in the US from the finest materials. The hatband features a dragon's face laced closure. A breathtaking showpiece, the hatband is removable for those times you require a more low-key topper.
Medieval Templar Belt - Red
Medieval Templar Belt Red is a colorful long belt and perfect for your both your tunic and your sword. The wide, 1 3/4 inch belt will accommodate most frogs. Heavy grade leather, extra long at 68 in, and finished with Maltese crosses.
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